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This page is to site our sources and note the authors of each section of our project!

All the research for the project was done collectively as a group. Every one did their part to complete the requirements of this project.

Authors of topics are as follows::

History: Julian Reyes

Camp Life : Priscilla Sere & Jennifer Trinh

– Japanese American Internment Exhibit at the Arcadia Historical Museum
– explored the temporary assembly center at the Santa Anita Racetrack

Locations:  Luan Nguyen

Interviews: Michael Sniffin

-Sources are stated in individual interviews.

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January 22,2011 at Cal State Fullerton!

Website/Media: Sarah Santiago

Photos/videos taken from: Life Magazine Archives (via website & public Library resources), The National Archive (via Ping News), PCC Library resources, Dorthy Lange (via,, Japanese American Museum and


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